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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 13, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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st. patrick's weekend. >> neil: funny how you know that. >> next tuesday when he's installed, we'll be latino. >> neil: it's amazing. i was thinking, it's such an incredibly rich place. i remember the stories of pope john paul ii who couldn't believe the or nature -- ornateness of the wealth and being surrounded by that made him uncomfortable. he is sworn to a life of poverty. askews the limo and cook. how is he going to adjust? >> i hope he brings with him a stable of the people whom he trust ins buenos aires. there does need to be a change in the vatican in the curia and bureaucracy and i wouldn't
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depend on the people in place right now. nicely enconsed. i hope he brings some of his trusted friends from argentina. >> neil: but he has a very nice image, a very soft-spoken man. he has scandals to deal with, though a lot of them -- a financial scandal, the likes of which even italian authorities are pressing european unions still pressing. >> they had to get somebody from the outside. getting somebody from the outside is the only way to change some of the things. the bureaucracy needs shaken up and some other elements of the catholic church. >> neil: bill, it's always so nice. especially on a day like this. we know the formal mass for the pope will be march 19th, next tuesday. and we do know that a very simple man from a very simple past has now assumed the highest
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spot in the catholic church. a man who has always askewed cooks but he's in italy now. consider it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ great joy. we have a pope. [ applause ] >> the conclave was to give rome a bishop. it looks like my brother, the cardinal, went to find him at the end of the world almost. but here we are. [ applause
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>> kimberly: hello, everyone. welcome to this special edition of "the five." i'm kimberly guilfoyle. it's 5:00 in new york city. 10:00 p.m. in vatican city, where you saw a new pope has been selected to lead the cath rick church. his name is cardinal jorge bergoglio. archbishop of argentina. he is 76 years 08 and a jesuit. chosen to be be called pope francis. it took a little over 24 hours for the cardinals to pick the pontiff in the:clave. now live to vatican city where fox's shepard smith is standing by. what can you tell us about pope francis? >> we learned about him together. we had group of 16 cardinals we were watching for. eighth on the list. not many people around here who were very much in the know in papal activity thought there was a possibility with notable exceptions, including our own father jonathan
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morris, who said if they don't get a pope in the morning session today, watch out for this man from argentina. the first thing that anyone said is he rides a bus. he make his own food. he washes the feet of injured. the first thing he did was ask the people to pray for him. and then got on his hands and knees to accept the prayers. i think he can safely be called a man of the people. a man of great humility. a man who would take the church to the population center, which is unquestionably without any doubt latin america, where half a million -- 501 million catholics reside. it is an astounding number when the italians, leer in europe, 56 million. the italians have 28 cardinals and latin america has 19. latin america now has the pope.
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he will be inaugurated, we believe, on sunday. and the church moves forward with the overriding goal of spreading the word of god. reading the scriptures and bringing more people in the fold. it seems like here in rome tonight, a beautiful evening. >> kimberly: interesting background that you highlight that this is a man of the people, a man from italian immigrants so he has roots in italy as well, which should please those that wanted someone to get back to the papal roots of rome. representation there is felt as well. also a man of jesuit education. that historic that this is the first time that they have had a pope selected that was of a jesuit background. tell us about that. >> disciplinarian. very, he is a well-studied man. there hasn't been a pope outside of europe in 1,000 years. think of that. latin america with all of its
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people, who were so faithful to the catholic church, dwindling numbers across europe. dwindling numbers in north america, now latin america. the pope hails from there. there were a lot of tears tonight in st. peters square. it saw interviews on italian networks and beyond with people from argentina who said we are here just because we happen to be in rome. we are catholic and we wanted to come see. it saw a young woman say but i never even had any dreams it would be our pope. our humble man. our 76-year-old. who so many of them seem to know. rode the bus and made his own food and really was one with the fold. a new direction. it certainly seems like that. more than anything. great hope of the catholic church. >> kimberly: we are going to bring in dana perino who had a question for you. >> hi, dana. >> dana: hi. you covered so many world events. this one to me, watching the
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crowd was of great interest. the joyful feeling that they expressed and how long they stayed and stood and waited. i know it was cold. could you through your observation to tell us what it's like to be amongst the people that gathered there. >> i was here in 2005 when benedict xvi was inaugurated. the difference between this and all of the papal inauguration that preceding it in the lifetime and well beyond that there was no mourning. there was no death no, funeral, no crying highs in the street. none of that. time for reflection. focusing on the challenges that the church has faced and will continue to face. great deal of anticipation. we had fun with amy kellogg who called it a period of great suspense, which is catholic nomenclature. that's really what it was.
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as everyone came together, not really knowing, most thinking, the odds on favorite was, of course, the cardinal from milan. when the name came up and they said his name in latin, everyone looking around, realizing it's the man from argentina. and the faces were amazing. one thing we are a couple of blocks away because of our studio if you will up on the roof, st. peter's back behind us. as i was looking down to the streets below, seven stories up, seeing people come with babies in hand. cars all flowing in that direction toward the basilica behind us. exciting time. you can't take it out of the context of rome and italy. the credit is down, tourism is down, suffering the worst weather in 21 years according to the local immediate roll gist. the economy is hurting badly. this was a jolt for the
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economy. or seemed to be. italians react to the man as we think he will? he is of italian heritage, and so many people in argentina have italian roots. 50-60% of the population, i have now read, in argentina with italian linage in one way or another. this is bringing together two worlds. worlds where the papacy resided forever and where the catholic people's numbers are the highest. it's interesting congrlegration and they hope this is the dawn of the new day for the church. they could use the hope and inspiration. >> kimberly: we're going to bring in eric bolling. >> eric: hey, shep. cardinal begala chose the name pope francis. the first francis, not the second or third. the first time. he came out and the first words he spoke very informal.
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he's said to have lived in a small apartment in argentina where he could have lived in a palace. his informal, humbleness, does it give us insight to what his papalsy will bring? >> those in the know seem to believe it would. pope john paul ii in 1978, his self-deprecating umore led us to know the man he was going to be. cardinal rathisnger in 2005 gave up how he would govern. that's not exactly the right word. how he would lead. it would be outside all that we know about this man to suggest he would be anything but a humble man of the people. i can't find any notice of anyone else ever having done anything like this.
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to ask the people for prayers for him. vowing to accept the prayer. that is as humble as a man who will lead 1.2 billion catholics or 1.2 billion anything of an expression as i have ever seen. i can't find occurrence of this ever. there is a call from the catholic church from many people around the world saying if you open up, let us be a part of the process, some of the problems which the highiarty in the church, the -- hierarchy might not exist. if you could tran parent and more about the people it's possible i think in the occasion that the cardinals heard that message. they responded with a great man of humility. he lived in a small apartment
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and he still does. he doesn't own a car. he takes a bus and makes his own food. can't say those things about myself or any of the colleagu colleagues. this is a humble man. he lives of and with the people. he is here to help the catholic people restore the catholic church. if so, that is good for everybody, catholic and otherwise. >> kimberly: bring in bob beckel. >> bob: hey, shep. >> good evening, bob. >> bob: this is jesuits and jesuits are the educator order of catholic church and they spend the most amount of time before they're ordained in the process of becoming a priest. the catholic school system in the united states and for that matter throughout the world has questioned about whether it's going to survive in some cases, in certain cities in the united states. strong enough in areas of the words. is this jesuit background of
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him indicate he will put emphasis on education -- not just catholic education, but education as part of his message to people? >> his recent history says that is what he will do. i can't know what he will do. i'm not catholic. but my experience with the catholic school system has been as follows -- for instance, in memphis there were two big catholic schools. there is now one. it is designing in membership. this is a man who spent much of his life educating and being educated. you can educate outside the four wall osafter classroom. from all i have been able to read quickly about the man, that is what he has been doing all his life. he understood the importance of education. with that education he did not join an elite group or act in an elite way or conduct himself in a manner that some
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might associate with high knowledge. he got information and was able to bring the context and perspective to life experiences and shared them from people, not from a high place. not from a mountain. not of a voice looking down but shared level to level. he picked up children and talked to them. he worshiped with, not worshi worshiped to people. that is part of the education process. it is within this church. with history as our guide, that is what he will be. educator and man of the peopl people. >> brian: great job to bring the excitement of the event. this was special when we waited 45 minutes to see the pope walk out. pope john paul brought vatican to the world. he travelled everywhere and made himself seem accessible to the youth of another generation. this pope, pope francis is 76 years old i get the sense he
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will do the same thing. >> i wouldn't surprised. it asked a number of people in the rome news room and they asked their contacts whether they believe he will be a man that travels. there is no consensus on that matter. the consensus seemed to be he would try to first bring unit unity. the opening of the conclave, master of ceremonies as they refer to him lightly suggested they should all put aside their differences and it was widely believed this might be a nod toward the separation that happened between the curia and the reformers. is it possible he will spend time bringing unified message, something that the church desperately needs. i don't think this is a day to reflect on the scandals but that is something that will be one of the things he will tackle in the archbishop going. there are pressing matters for the church.
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you to get your house in order before you can spread the good word. from those around here who are watching this for many decades, it sounds as if that is the feeling. that said, you don't know what he will do. this won't be a running around the world, as much as a humble discussion, sometimes one-on-one with people he thinks he might be able to help. >> kimberly: talk about what might have been going on, the thinking of the cardinals that they had an enormous decision to make, talking about the future of the church. outreach, to third world countries, the large roman catholic population and latin america. choosing someone that was a balance between the curia and the reformers. he seems to be somewhat perhaps they might have thought was a very strong compromise. >> compromise is the perfect
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word. going in to this, it was all of us the beliefs as communicators get our guidance. those who studied this and scholars of this, there would be a struggle internally between the men of the curia, who the administration, if you will, of the catholic church, which by many people's observation have not done the perfect job in recent months and years dealing with the organization. the scandal, leaks, papers taken out and published before they realize it happened. those are not signs of administration that is working perfectly. the thinking was that the decision would be do you go with someone from inside the current administration, inside the curia, or do you go way outside, voice outside the box? timothy cardinal dolan of new york is an example. we didn't even consider, it was not expressed to us by those who guide us we might consider someone who can strandal that line. who can in and of himself embody a compromise.
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that is who this man is. is he a puppet of the curia? no. is he puppet of the reformers? no. it's my understanding he is his own man, advisor, after advisor here said to us he is a humble man of god. he's described as a saint type of person. maybe that's what the church needs. >> kimberly: it sounds like someone both sides could trust and safe and confidence, and ability to lead with humility and self-sacrifice not trying to promote one side over the other. >> eric: the white smoke came up after five votes. people here said it must be the odds-on favorite, cardinal from italy, from milan. >> that's what we said, too. >> eric: right. any surprise -- you shocked to see the name come up?
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>> a book of all the papers we have been going through. here it is. these are the blue cards on all the people on whom i have been studying. with all about them and how they ruled and what they have done with people. he was number eight on a list of i think 17. no one said watch for this one, watch for that one. it was a surprise. one thing we were watching will they go with someone who is a social reformer? or will he stick with the moral path that the church always followed? would there be inclusion for instance of the hot topics you imagine. gay marriage, abortion, birth control. anyone looking for change along those lines will not find it in this man. a good and easy google.
2:20 pm
anything against same-sex, very much against contraceptions. the quotes are out there. you can look at them. for someone looking for change that way, they will not find it. for catholics who want to stick to the moral compass that guided us for century, you will find it in this man. >> kimberly: that was probably pleasing to the curia. strong social stance. >> dana: i know we are running out of time but i want to ask you to tribe how he might be able to help on the world stage when it comes to lune rights -- human rights. church had challenge in china. where people want to worship freely and up against a government that is not allowing that. do you think this new man, the new pope, pope francis will address it effect lively? >> from what i read, it appea appears that that the is the conversation he'd approach with shoulders down, humility and firm compass.
2:21 pm
freedom to worship the god of your choice is a basic human right. that is how he described it. i'm confident that is the message he will deliver. how effective he will be in a country like china rem be seen. but if that is the message, it seems like the kind of message with which, i don't know, we can identify. >> kimberly: thank you. shepard smith live from vatican city, 10:19:00 p.m. in the evening. we'll check back with shep later in the program. much more to come on this historic day, as the world welcomes in a new pope, pope francis. "the five" returns in just a moment. ♪ ♪ [ man ] i got this citi thankyou card and started
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♪ >> eric: welcome back to "the five." we'll get back to the myth news today that pope francis has been declared father of the catholic church later in the show. but first, some news right here at home. >> this was not a decision
2:26 pm
that went up to the white house. but what the secret service explained to us was that they are going to have to furlough some folks. i'm asking are there ways for us to accommodate school grou groups, who may have traveled with bake sells. can we make sure that kids can come to tour? >> that was president obama telling abc news he is considering reopening the white house for tours. perhaps he finally realized that not only the worst kind of p. treasurer keep the doors close but the white house belongs to the people. i offered to chip in and help keep doors open for the tours for the kids. sean hannity got on board and donald trump offered to pick up the entire check. while the pinheads in the white house work on damage control this looks like victory for the american people. we spoke and he listened. we are going to return the people house back to the
2:27 pm
people. president obama said it wasn't my decision. it was the secret service. does it sit well with you? >> dana: no. is anything at all his fault? anything bad that happens he takes no blame for. if something good, he takes credit for it. it's masterful. they announced that george stephanopoulos would have the interview i said this is not a good idea. all they did is an inside baseball thing. they didn't drive any message. jill lauren of "national journal" wrote a piece saying what does he accomplish doing the interview? plus, he tried to bump the pope off the front page. >> eric: jay carney had a press conference today. he went back and forth on pressed by our own ed henry. clarify this. at one point he said yes, the
2:28 pm
president did make the decision. at another point in the same press conference they never, the secret service made the decision. it wasn't our fault. not our idea. >> kimberly: this is the problem. they have a messaging issue they can't stay on point or agree. they make inconsistent statements that everybody knows in court and trial that will show you to be someone who is not credible. do we believe you now or what you said before? it's not clear at all. it doesn't seem presidential. say look, the president is making the decision. we listened to the american people and this is what we'll do. that would show leadership instead of passing the buck, blaming others or appearing to be indecisive. now it looks like he was backed in a corner and forced to correct himself. >> eric: maybe it wasn't working. front and center, maybe backtracking. that is next. >> bob: the idea that you believe he made the decision, i'm sure the president of the united states said let me stop what i'm doing today and decide what i'll do to deal with the sequestration aspect
2:29 pm
as far as the white house is concerned. i am going the stop tours. that is the most ridiculous -- >> dana: how come the buck doesn't stop with him? he is not making the decisions but he has staff that is. nothing is ever his fault. thigh pass it to someone else. that is what is most unbelievable. >> jay carney said we made the decision to stop the tours. the secret service said we won't have enough people. we made an official announcement. are we pathetic. we heard kids in iowa having a bake sale. can we get applebee's to sponsor the tour? can anyone can an audible? >> bob: bad staff work, and bad messaging but i guarantee you they did not stop in the oval office and sit down and say -- >> dana: why doesn't he say yes, the responseability is
2:30 pm
mine. i'm changing -- i'm going to change it, reverse it. a bad decision. and not throw everybody else under the bus. >> eric: we have to go. the kids will see the white house and there are secret service agencies there. >> dana: what about the senior citizens? what about the senior citizen groups. going to washington, too. war on senior cysts. >> brian: you have a bake sale, you can go. >> eric: we got to go. coming up on "the five" -- president obama with stunning comments on balancing the budget. he is actually not interested in doing that. you will hear from him directly. later, shepard smith with big news from rome. with 1.2 billion catholics around the world. his name is pope francis i. stay with us. ♪ ♪ what's droid-smart ?
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droid-powerful. ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." we'll find out what the pope thinks about country music and i'll bring it to you. i thought that song might be off. back to the favorite subject. president obama sat down for another interview, we talked about it earlier in the "b" block. george stephanopoulos of abc news got a big interview and made two comments noting. first, president obama says he is not looking to balance the budget anytime soon. >> we are not going to balance the budget in ten years. my goal is not to change a balanced budget for the safe of balance. how do we grow the economy and put people back to work. >> second on the debt, he says we don't have an immediate crisis. for the next ten years it will be in a sustainable place.
2:36 pm
i think there are three basic camps on the debt. tell me what you think about this analysis. one camp like krugman, okay to let the debt grow. no problem. second group, stabilize it. that is president obama and senate democrats. a third group, the debt must be reduced to have economic growth. then you throw in fixing the ceo and house republicans. is it possible to compromise? >> eric: we talk about this yesterday. because that kind of outlined where the three budgets are. senate democrats with the budget. which is the outliers and president obama with a budget completely different. the concerning part is here he is, commander-in-chief saying don't worry. the debt is not the problem. my goal isn't to balance a budget. really? so what is the goal, sir? balanced budget is the only way to bring economic prosperity to the country. if that is not the goal, i don't know what it is. to bury the economy? >> dana: the goal initially was to raise taxes, which they
2:37 pm
accomplished in january. when the fiscal cliff thing did not happen. that's why we had the sequester now. do you think he is pivoting to say we shouldn't worry about the debt that much. in the immediate term. as a second term president, aren't you supposed to govern for the longer term and focus on a better course? >> bob: accept now that everyone freaked out about a deficit that does not matter. i ask this question over and over. i'll ask it again. what was it today when you woke up in the morning about the debt that affected your life? the answer is absolutely nothing. the idea of trying to balance -- >> dana: if you're unemployed it might. >> bob: no. no. it has nothing to do with being unemployed. >> eric: you can't throw that premise out there on the table that unaffecteded by the debt. the china says we won't take 3% for the money, we want 6% or 9% or 10%, we're done. game over. they win. >> bob: they destroy themselveses in the process.
2:38 pm
>> kimberly: bob as a popular opinion for democrats. debt don't matter. >> bob: the way to get deficit and debt under control is get people back to work. the question is how do you do it? one thing you don't do is what paul ryan wants to do, to do away with obamacare, to do away with all kind of other things. and turn medicare to vouchers. i mean this guy is off the walls. >> dana: don't forget the part he wants old people to eat cat food. did you read that part in the budget? >> brian: here is thing. you a political guy. you should know this. the president could use republicans as his wedge against democrats who won't touch entitlement. use it as a strategy. guys, it's not my fault. the republicans got a voice in this. this is part of the deal to use them to knock the entitl entitlement. >> dana: all right. when we come back. shepard smith is live in rome with more on the election of pope francis. stay with us. ♪ ♪ all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story, the new pope. cardinals came to a decision today as thousands jammed st. peter's square. jorge bergoglio made his first appearance as pope francis. team coverage tonight and special guest on the new leader of the 1.2 billion catholics worldwide. we're live from rome, new york and here in washington. president obama is back pedaling on a decision to close the white house tours blamed on the sequester. what the president said and what his press secretary is
2:44 pm
now trying to clarify. president obama met with house republicans today to talk about the budget. he is dealin dealing with new pl numbers as well to indicate he lost all of his 18% approval advantage over g.o.p. lawmakers. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern now. back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> brian: shepard smith has been bringing us coverage all morning long. you doing, you are doing this also having done this for 16 straight hours in the rain. you have not felt your toes according to reports for two hours and 47 minutes.
2:45 pm
>> positively, you are just waking up because you doing "fox and friends" at 6:00 a.m. enough. you make us all look bad. >> brian: we interviewed a swiss army guard that wrote about his experience with pope. being pope among cardinals is not something they want. have you found that opinion anywhere else because of the awesome responsibility? >> everybody keeps telling me that. the vatican watchers, everyone in know say none of these guys really want to be pope. but they say it's not a political process. to me, in some ways that is like telling a junior vice president or a junior vice president saying he doesn't want to be the ceo. it's the right thing to say, especially with the ceo in hearing distance. but it isn't the truth. i believe everything these people say. you have an opportunity now with a church at the crossroads to go in and make a
2:46 pm
difference in 1.2 billion people's lives. change ca the course of events. that's pretty cool. >> eric: are you going to stay for the mass? it's tuesday. >> i'm coming home or whether i'm coming back is depending on what the bosses say. i'll do whatever they say happily. >> dana: i have a question. is it possible he could have voted for himself? i guess it's possible. >> they are not supposed to do that. they are told to disguise their handwriting. if you're a righty write lefty, or lefty write righty. i guess he could have. there are rumors about stuff. >> dana: if you could check this that out. >> kimberly: he doesn't seem like a man to write for himself. >> brian: doesn't seem a popey type of --
2:47 pm
>> he doesn't especially have someone make food for him. >> brian: for a guy who doesn't have a car or live in the palace, he probably didn't vote for himself. >> you are going to go from the apartment to this thing back here. there is good health in there. the clothes seem nice. and he won't need to drive a car. he has his own mobile. >> brian: protection. >> he is 76. he earned it. >> brian: i look forward to getting your flight information to greet you at the gate. great job. thank you. more ahead on the pope with father jonathan morris standing next to shep. they will switch spots and make it seem so much different. back in a moment. ♪
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>> bob: if you just tuned in the catholic church has a new pope. pope francis. bring in father jonathan morris in rome.
2:52 pm
first, let me say i understand you predicted this hours before it happened. can you tell me why you predicted it? >> i put on twitter and facebook just that if there is no election in the first few ballots, right, after the first three or four, then to look at someone who is a compromised candidate. we have been talking about scola, sharer from brazil and cardinal dolan. and others. but jorge bergoglio was known as a tough guy. but in a very humble demeanor. i saw as the weeks were going on. that the cardinals were beginning to look to somebody who could reform the dysfunction. and the bankruptcy involved in the roman curia here. he is a total outsider. not one who has to be careful
2:53 pm
of ruining friendship. he will come in, in a humble way and asked that he asked other people to pray over him. that is the type of reform he will be about. clerical careerism, how antithetical to christianity. that is not what this is all about that. is what he will do. >> eric: thanks for hanging with us. as a practicing catholic, very practicing catholic, jesuit essentialcated as well -- educated as well, i'm excited about this. have you heard from people in the united states. are they as excited as i am? >> i saw square of hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world, including the united states. who were going crazy when they saw him. then he said to them silence. even the producers and the camera men who were in the square told me that they got shivers. they had never heard st. peter
2:54 pm
square so quiet. that is the type of environment i believe that we need to build trust for the church. and that includes being tough and making sure that there is not dysfunction and corruption within the central government. so when your house is solid from within, you can go out. another thing, eric, that is interesting. being a jez it with -- jesuit educated person himself, he chose the name francis. bringing us back to franciscans. yes, jesuit education and the missionary but also st. francis and his humility. >> bob: thank you, father. one more thing is up next. ♪ it's a hawk with night vision goggles. it's marching to the beat of a different drum. and where beauty meets brains.
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that's all you got, brother ? take that. never having to surrender the things that matter. gotcha. that's powerful. verizon. >> kimberly: time for one more thing. >> dana: you knew obamacare unpap lor but it's really for the dogs. you didn't think you'd deal with obamacare in the dentist office or medical office? no, the excise tax for medical devices which is in question whether they will keep it or not, affects the veterinarian offices as well. they are saying what is up with this? what are we going to do? this might have penetration. if you raise vet bills, people
2:59 pm
get mad. >> eric: unfair. >> kimberly: terrible. >> eric: last night talking to my son against getting the open white house trending. he thought it was cool to get it trending. he types in barack obama's name on twitter and look what pops up. that is barack obama's verified account. if you read that line right there in yellow, it says, "this account is run by organizing for action staff." if you don't know who organizing for action staff, that group is selling access to president obama. that is the group on monday jay carney said we don't know too much about them. did you know they were handling the twitter account? carney called them bipartisan. non-bipartisan. whatever. keep pressure on congress until it's done. add your name to support obama's plan to reduce gun violence and replace the deficit by closing tax loopholes. doesn't sound nonpartisan. >> kimberly: nothing gets past bolling. >> brian: sounds like a good bonding moment
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